Str*Viewer – Simplify your Strava Feed

Str*Viewer is a browser extension that allows you to view more of what is important to you in your Strava feed. The major features include:

  • Filtering out feed entries (clubs, challenges, promos, posts)
  • Filtering out specific activities (virtual rides, walks, yoga, etc.)
  • Shrinking feed entries so more entries can be seen at once
  • Access to different map types and overlays
  • Bulk operations (delete/export/import activities)
  • Segment filtering (always show hidden, show favorites only, show achievements only)

Str*Viewer is a product of Turanga Software and is not associated with or endorsed by Strava or its partners. The Strava website, mobile app, and all related trademarks are the property of Strava, Inc.

Str*Viewer currently supports:

  • Chrome
  • Chromium Edge
  • Brave
  • Opera (with the Install Chrome Extensions add-on)
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Str*Viewer currently supports English (en) only. Other languages will be added based on demand.