Show/Hide Activity Fields

Str*Viewer allows you to hide fields in each activity on the dashboard, reducing clutter and allowing you to see more activities at once. You can select which fields to hide and then expand individual activities of interest to view the details.

Show/Hide Activity Types

Str*Viewer allows you to display specific activity types of interest. If you only want to see your friends’ outdoor bike rides and ignore all other activities. or if you don’t want to see their walks or yoga activities, simply select the activities of interest to you and the others will be hidden.

Show/Hide Post Types

Str*Viewer allows you to choose the types of post to appear in your feeds. If you are not interested in the clubs or challenges your friends have joined, or if you want to hide non-activity posts from your friends, select the post types you want to see and the others will be hidden.

Shrink Feed Entries

Str*Viewer allows you to remove most of the extra padding and margins around feed entries, letting you see more activities and posts at one time.

Sort Feed Entries

Str*Viewer allows you to sort your feed by name or date/time, ascending or descending. You can easily see the latest activities from your friends.

Load All Feed Entries

Str*Viewer allows you to automatically load all available feed entries so you can quickly search, sort, or scroll to find specific activities of interest. Note that this feature is limited to the number of activities Strava makes available for display in the feed.

When viewing only YOUR activities in the feed, Strava makes a much larger number of entries available (to the point where I haven’t waited long enough to find the limit). You can search, sort, or scroll several years worth of data. This provides more convenient access to your activities than Strava’s Activities page.

Automatically Refresh Feed

Str*Viewer provides an option to automatically refresh your feed at a user-specified frequency. If your feed is scrolled to the top and the page is left idle for the specified duration, new items will appear when the page is refreshed. This is especially useful in combination when your page is chronologically sorted – the newest entries will always appear at the top of the page.

Search Feed Entries

Str*Viewer allows you to search your feed for activities or posts from specific friends or for activities or posts containing specific words in their title or description. For example, if you want to catch up with a friend’s workouts, just search for their name and only their activities will be displayed.

Kudos to All

If you follow a lot of people, recognizing all of their accomplishments can take some time. Str*Viewer provides a convenience feature that allows you to send Kudos for all activities currently displayed. When used in combination with our other features, you can quickly review all recent activities and then send Kudos all at once.

Hide Activites with Kudos

Along with the “Kudos to All” option, you can choose to only see activities that you have not given kudos to yet. Keep your feed clean and limited to only activities that you haven’t looked at yet.

Join All Challenges

Let’s face it – it costs nothing to join a challenge and many of us join all of them, regardless of whether we plan to finish all of them. Str*Viewer allows you to join all challenges with one button click.

Change Maps and Overlays

The activity, segment explorer, and route builder pages all support changing the default map and overlays to display. Depending on your activity and location,

View Activities List on a Single Page

Instead of having to page through your activity history 20 at a time, you can view all or a subset of your activities on a single page.

Bulk Operations

You can delete or export any or all of your activities in a single operation.

In addition, you can import large sets of activities at once (Strava only supports importing 25 activities at a time).

Segment Filtering

You can choose to always view hidden segments. In addition, you can filter the segments so you only see:

  • Favorites
  • Achievements
  • Zwift Insider segments
  • Segments >= minimum distance

Real-Time Synchronized Updates

Str*Viewer updates the screen in real time as you select what you want to see. This allows you to quickly customize and adjust your settings to your satisfaction.

Str*Viewer uses Google’s Sync feature to save your settings to the cloud and sync them to Chrome browsers on other devices. In fact, if you change a setting in your current browser, it will quickly cause other browsers with an open Strava page to be updated.